The Seven Sisters Company (SSC) was registered in Kuwait in 1998 by its C.E.O Mr. Ahmed Alarbeed and the partners his seven daughters named: Shaima, Fatema, Mona, Bashayer, Sara, Nora, and Reem. The name of the company was selected to mean the seven daughters as well as to relate to the largest seven oil companies who dominates the international oil industry in the first half of the 20th century.

The oil age has started in the year 1859 (150 years ago) when Colonel Edwin Drake Succeeded to drill the first deep well in Pennsylvania state of USA, This discovery has enabled the world to convert the oil to be the most valuable energy source to effect most of the development worldwide. It was recognized that seven of the many international oil companies in the world were dominating the world oil scene that made the president of the Italian oil company to call them “The Seven Sisters”. These Companies are: Exxon (American), Texaco (American), Gulf (American), Chevron (American), Mobil (American), British Petroleum (British), and Shell (Dutch).

The Seven Sisters remained powerful worldwide and influencing the international oil industry until the establishment of the organization of petroleum Exporting countries in 1960.

The general manager of SSC has the vision to grow the company to be one of the helping aids to the humanity to make petroleum products friendly to human life worldwide and grow prosperity and dignity to all human around the globe.
The SSC has the expertise in operation of exploration, production transportation, storaging, marketing refining, and petrochemical.

SSC insured in its operation and projects to comply with all international and local laws, as well as all safety and technical standards, and it adopts a highly qualified corporate governance rules and standards. It always displays professionalism, strict guiding rules to insure effective HSE performance to protect nature, people and all life’s in the globe.

SSC also adapts strict auditing rules, transparency and respect competition and quality.
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