Seven Sisters Company Kuwait




Mr. Ahmed Alarbeed is the C.E.O. of Seven Sisters Company, He enjoys 38 years of experience in the Oil Industry, and he headed various sizes of oil companies and succeeded to turn them around to more successful companies.
He is well known oil man in the Middle East region as well as in E & P oil international industry. He served in high positions in both public and private, listed and unlisted companies. His strength is in enjoying wide range of contacts, effective planning experience and visionary mind, and a unique management style.
Mr. Alarbeed has a Bachelor degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas from Pennsylvania State University in 1977.
Soon after his employment by Kuwait Oil Company (The oldest and largest oil company in Kuwait), he has worked as a Junior engineer in the Largest Gas Project, that was designed to treat 80% of the flared gas in Kuwait, he also managed later to reshape operations in the largest oil field Burgan (Second Largest Oil Field in the world). This field produces today over 1.5 million barrels of oil per day.
He was appointed a manager planning in 1991, he succeeded to present the first strategic plan for Kuwait Oil Company followed by a three years operational plan to help Kuwait to secure its quota of production from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
He was then appointed as Chairman and Managing Director Of Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (KUFPEC) that has operation in more than ten countries around the world, upon his success in attaining 105 US$ net profit in KUFPEC, he was appointed as the Chairman and managing Director of Kuwait Oil Company in which he initiated a large scale organizational changes that has reshaped the whole structure and lead to wide range of success in all areas of improvement, Production was increased by 30% and reached 2.7 million barrels of oil per day, a team spirit was spread all over the organization, a major drop in industrial accidents, a major optimization of cost per barrel, and a great boost of employees morale.
Mr. Alarbeed decided in 2006 to join the private sector he received to attractive offers from United Arab Emirates, He accepted the first one on full time basis in Abu Dhabi, and also accepted the second offer as a part time basis and later became the CEO of Dana Gas Company for four years in which the company has recorded net profit in every quarter every year.
He finally decided to return to his homeland Kuwait to lead his own business in the Seven Sisters Company.
Ahmed Alarbeed raised a country wide initiative in Kuwait to make “Kuwait Oil Capital of the world” Please link to the following website for more information.