Seven Sisters Company Kuwait



Our Operation


SSC has ran into a restructuring process since September 2012 to ensure meeting the new demands of the new strategy, the following show the operation that took place in the last few months:


1. An Agreement was signed with a legal firm to help restructuring of the company to enable SSC to meet the requirements of the new strategy. The legal firm is now studying the new commercial law to reach at the best recommendations for the future commercial structure of SSC


2. SSC has rented new offices which provides more services and a better location to conduct business in Kuwait, the new offices meets the cost optimization rules to minimize costs while receiving the most cost effective services. SSC is now working in full stream from the new offices in DAR Al Awadhi Business Mall in Sharq in the business center of Kuwait. SSC is also in the process of modifying its process and regulation, especially HR rules to be in a competitive level in Kuwait market.


3. SSC is now considering few projects, two of which are in UAE to establish partnerships in new ventures projects. The remaining project are regarding acquisitions of petroleum production projects in Alaska, Tunisia, North Sea and Middle East areas.