Seven Sisters Company Kuwait


Our Vision


Our vision It is important to explain the nature of SSC and then address its Vision, SSC depends heavily on its investors who join its business in different areas of operations as well as in different areas of the world. SSC works to capitalize on its strengths to acquire different petroleum projects (Exploration, production, transportation, storaging, refining, petrochemicals and retail markets). The variety of projects entails strict business policies to ensure achieving success:


1. It is important to follow a gradual and up scaling approach of projects acquisition as projects developments.

2. TO start with low risk and moderate profit projects in the initial stages.

3. The importance of partnership with qualified partners.

4. Follow no borders restriction in selecting projects from all over the world as long as commercial, technical and political risks are low.


Based on the above policies, SSC intends to adopt the following strategy:


1. Start Low risk limited investments Petroleum projects such as: products trading, Petroleum services, selected petroleum agencies and the like.

2. Petroleum projects should attain a minimum of 10% IRR.

3. Upon Success of 1 and 2 above, SSC intends to take higher risk and higher investment projects.

4. SSC will have the option to list in stock market if partners agree or keep growing for a second chance.


The above strategy establishes business clarity and confidence for investors and partners, as it adopts the concept of gradual growth and minimize risk in such risky business, this strategy is supported by strong and knowledgeable management that will ensure success.




our vision